4 Apr 2024

Art Readings 2024 International Conference. New Art Module – ART AND HISTORY

Art Readings_2024_New ArtFrom 17 to 19 April 2024, the Institute of Art Studies, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, with the support of the Scientific Research Fund, will hold the traditional international scientific conference Art Readings.
 This year’s theme is Art and History. The conference will be in 13 panels, with different thematic focus. The proposed thematic key could provoke scientific reflections in the following directions: themes and narratives in a historical context; influence of historical events, ideologies, and other factors on the processes of creativity and art development; historical persons represented in works of art; creative places such as historical spaces: workshops, theatre workshops, music studios, film sets; art, technology, media – development over time; artificial intelligence in art – opportunities and threats; production and reproduction, construction and reconstruction; variations and variants – how works of art change; art, artist, and audience – reflections and interdependence; development of works and authors in historical terms – critical analyses, etc.
The sessions of the conference will be held within a three-day program, where 63 scientists, doctoral students, and post-doctoral students from various scientific organizations and universities from Bulgaria, Greece, Ukraine, Poland, Latvia, Slovakia, etc. They will present their latest studies with new interpretations with previously unpublished research, united around the problems of ideology in art, theatrical scene in historical terms, concepts and interpretations, art history – politics and projects in local and global aspect, traditions and transformations, alternative histories, religion and history, arts and technologies, artists and works – transformed in time, adaptation of art, historical development of cinema, etc.  For another year, the reports from the conference will be collected in a thematic collection.
The Art Readings International Scientific Conference  will be held in the meeting rooms in the building of the Institute for the Study of Arts, BAS, Sofia, 21 Krakra Str., Tel: +359 2 489 03 57; +359 2 489 03
The program can be found at Program of New Art Module