18 Apr 2024

The Sessions of the Old Art Module of the Art Readings 2024. Art and History International Scientific Conference End

For a consecutive year, the Art Readings International Scientific Conference, Old Art module, was held from 11 to 13 April 2024 at the Institute of Art Studies – BAS with the support of the Scientific Research Fund of the Ministry of Education and Science (contract No. КП-06-МНФ/38/14.12.2023). The event was dedicated to the 155th anniversary of the founding of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.
This year’s conference topic was Art and History. For three consecutive days, more than 40 scholars from different scientific organizations and universities from Bulgaria, Greece, Serbia, Romania, North Macedonia, and Poland presented their research in the context of the topic. The reports covered a wide time period – from ancient art from Bulgaria with works of architecture, sculpture, and painting, through the art of the medieval and revival periods, and the focus of research was on works of monumental art, icon painting and liturgical objects, to manifestations of religious art from the 19th century. The forum, recognizable among the scientific circles in the field of art studies both in Bulgaria and abroad, is one of the events of leading importance in the policies of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and in particular the Institute of Art Studies towards achieving commensurability of science at the national level with the development of art studies in the countries of the Balkans and Europe.
It is envisaged that the texts from the conference of the Old Art Module will be published in a thematic collection, part of the Art Readings series, which has been indexed for refereed publications in Web of Science for years. The meetings were available in real time with streaming on the YouTube channel of the Institute of Art Studies, where the archive of the meetings is available. The organizers of the forum express their gratitude to all participants in the conference, coordinators, and supporting institutions.