19 Apr 2024


The editorial team of Art Studies Quarterly journal invites potential authors of articles, studies and reviews to send their proposals for publication in the third issue of the journal, planned to be released on 15th October, 2024.
The central theme of the current issue  is The Director and the Scenographer: Dialogues. Contemporary theatre art increasingly relies on the conceptual visual environment, which forms meanings and interacts with all other elements of the performance. Today, theatre boldly goes beyond the traditional stage framework, thanks also to digital technologies, with the help of which it builds a new stage language and a new aesthetics. Where in these processes can intersections be found between the director's concept and the scenographer's visual solutions? How is the dialogue between them going today, when does it become a monologue? Can we continue to think of the director and the scenographer as two separate figures interacting or increasingly combining into the figure of an interdisciplinary artist? How do modern technologies change/expand the stage space and what new opportunities do they give the scenographer and the director? What are the historical prerequisites for these processes?
We expect the proposed texts to look for the answers of these and a number of other questions related to the current state of the creative relationship between the director and the scenographer in the performance.
The authors are invited to send a brief synopsis of their article, study or review in not more than 1000 characters and a short biography (up to 500 characters) by 25 May 2024.

Completed studies should be in a volume of up to 45,000 characters, articles – up to 18,000 characters and reviews – between 8,000 and 12,000 characters and should be received in the editorial office or by the lead editor by 21 July 2024.
Thank you for your cooperation!
Prof. Kamelia Nikolova, PhD, compiler and editor-in-chief of the issue
Albena Tagareva, PhD, compilers
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Please send your suggestions to the email address of the journal: probleminaizkustvoto@gmail.com  and to the editor-in-chief of the issue: kamelian@hotmail.com