15 May 2024


The editorial team of Art Studies Quarterly journal invites potential authors of articles, studies, and reviews to send their proposals for publication in issue No. 4 / 2024 of the journal, planned to be published on 15 December 2024.
The central theme of the current issue is Transcending or/and Blowing up Boundaries and implies an expansion and overcoming of the notion of "boundary" in search of interpretations and analyses that are not limited by the classification of individual arts, the fixation of types and genres within an art. Boundaries in film and screen arts are blurred in hybrid forms and interdisciplinary projects that intersect social, artistic, and scientific practices. At the same time, persistent historical and geographical divisions and aesthetic criteria continue to operate and need to be reconsidered. To these, we can add linguistic, cultural, ethnic, and religious distinctions and their imprint on films and artifacts.
The topic allows the participation of authors from different fields of arts and social sciences in parallel to screen scholars. Priority will be given to original texts addressing unexplored or under-researched issues within the outlined thematic circles.
The authors are invited to send a brief synopsis of their article, study, or review in not more than 1000 characters and a short biography (up to 500 characters) by 22 July 2024.
Final studies should be up to 45,000 characters long, articles – up to 18,000 characters, reviews – from 8,000 to 12,000 characters. 
Deadline for sending final texts of articles, studies or reviews: 16 September 2024 (Monday).
Please submit your proposals to the email address of the journal: probleminaizkustvoto@gmail.com and to the editor-in-chief of the issue: palexandrova@mail.bg
All submitted articles will be a subject of a double, anonymous reviewing. You can find the requirements for the submissions here:
(In Bulgarian)  Указания за авторите
(In English) Submission guidelines

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Thank you for your cooperation!
Prof. Petya Alexandrova, DSc, compiler and editor-in-chief of the issue