28 Dec 2015

Lullabies and contemporary music pedagogical practice at Bulgarian secondary general schools. (On some genre examples from the vocal work of Bulgarian composers)

01 May, 2012 – 01 May, 2015

Author: Asst. Prof. Rositsa Draganova

This individual project sets the beginning of a study under the working title “Lullabies. Aspects.” On the one hand, it is a follow-up study of the recent two planned projects of the Music Culture and Information research group: „A theoretical and information analysis of substantial and terminological aspects of musical-cultural practices (idea, text, manner)” (2008/12) and “Musical-theoretical classification of operative notions and terms” (2005/08), and on the other hand, a comeback of a kind to the quest and the problematics of the academic project “Music practices and scientific paradigms: Aspects of the change” and to the matters dealt with in my dissertation, individual papers, reports and enclosed works.
The major subject matter of the new project is the genre of lullabies, which, due to its diversity, allows for analysing different aspects, adopting various approaches, working on the brink of the interdisciplinary, summing up the acquired experience, both my own and others’, assembling separate pieces together to form a bigger picture of the phenomenon with its specifics and multidimensionality.