28 Dec 2015

The Concept of New Sound Sensitivity (creative specifications)

01 May, 2012 – 01 May, 2015

Author: Prof. DSc Elisaveta Valchinova-Chendova

The topic is relevant perhaps to post-modern culture. So defined, it deals with authors most active after the 1990s, who fail to fall in or are deeply rethinking well-known paradigms. The interpretation of the concept of ‘new sound sensitivity’ is having an intense dialogue with the ideas of sensitivity and vigorous impact of the musical on the conceptions of Helmut Lachenmann and of the so-called Spectralists such as Gérard Grisey, offering a new point of view, that of archetypal as a phenomenon in the composition of the late twentieth and the early twenty-first century, which formulates a new attitude towards the sound space. Identifying, objectifying and giving in precise terms of composer’s theoretical and self-reflective aspirations and creative discoveries at the level of contemporary music theoretical toolkit (quoting Mariana Buleva’s statement on the project) is related to the priorities of the lines of research of the Institute on contemporary culture and its theoretical interpretation.