28 Dec 2015

The Treasure of Lukovit. Part 2. Within a wider academic project, The Thracians: Genesis and development of the ethnos, cultural identities, civilizations, interrelations and legacy of Antiquity

01 April, 2015 – 01 April, 2018

Author: Asst. Prof. Ruslan Stoichev, Fine Arts Department

The planned project faces the task to present and explore for the first time ever the full content of the find from Lukovit. An inner timeline of the objects has to be developed using formal and style analyses so that to solve the problem of the boundaries of the temporal interval the hoard belongs to. Special attention might be focused on the methods of the make of different objects, which, in its turn would add to our information about the techniques and methods used by Thracian and other masters.
– Gathering and systematisation of the artefacts of the described group;
– Formal and typological analyses;
– Analysis of the decoration;
– Archeometric study of the materials using interdisciplinary laboratorial methods, including consultants from various research institutions;
– Digitalisation of the information and the results to consequently create a database.
Expected results: The publication of the project would present up-to-date observations of one of just a few unpublished treasures from the Thracian lands, adding to the existing explorations and contributing to the creation of new mechanisms in the study of various forms of Thracian toreutics.