28 Dec 2015

* Architectural rethinking of Thracian heritage

01 April, 2013 – 01 April, 2016

Author: Prof. Malvina Rousseva, PhD, Architecture Department

This project seeks through the means of architecture and presented methods to conduct an architectural study on and make an analysis of very popular but architecturally unstudied Thracian religious buildings, which would provide a new insight and stir more researchers’ interest in Thracian material and spiritual culture.
The scientific application of this study could give various results. On the one side, it will be the first architectural exploration of the Thracian religious sites under consideration herein, and on the other side, it could be used as a model and methodology for students, experts and researchers how to work using the means of architecture in unearthing and recording structures during archaeological excavations.

Relevance in accordance with the priorities in the research area, with the Institute’s activities, in the context of the respective subject

Everything related to the Thracian architecture is relevant because there is no other institution in Bulgaria apart form the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, which would require and provide professionally arranged documentation, studies or analyses of originals; originals are being damaged as early as the excavations and the produced documentation is unprofessional and unfit for scientific analysis; tens of buildings and facilities unearthed within Bulgarian lands have not been examined architecturally.