28 Dec 2015

Perception of auteur and art film in the digital era

01 December, 2014 – 01 December, 2017

Author: Prof. Maya Dimitrova, DSc, Screen Arts Department

Studying the current screen empiricism in intercultural dialogue through an analysis of the public realization of auteur films in the digital age.
Public perception through the media of the changes in the status of screen authors in the twenty-first century.
There is no comprehensive study on the subject in Bulgarian media studies and publications on film in Bulgaria.
There are separate texts in specialized editions that explore particular aspects related to the problematics. The practice of presenting Bulgarian movies and films shown in Bulgaria in the web environment is reduced to a few sites, one of which is authoritative, Another Film that will be analytically presented as part of the study.
Post-historical discourse in studying the post-modern perceptual situation in the screen phenomenon in the practices of media communication of the digital age.
Scientific approaches and methods in the study:
Introduction and justification of adequate interdisciplinary methodology with new terminological proposals for studying of film empiricism in the network communication environment
– Development of the terms ‘independent cinema’, ‘indie-films’ and ‘artdoc’ apart from the traditional auteur film and the usual to the media reception of ‘arthouse’ and art film;
– Processes of marginalization and pseudo-‘eliticising’ of the audiences as a result of manipulation of the network society in the communication via the screen domain.
A critical commentary on existing practices of presenting the national and European art and auteur film to the Bulgarian audiences on the TV screen.
An analysis of the regional festival practices of promotion of independent filmmaking as a platform of intercultural dialogue in the digital age
The work seeks to analyse:
Erratic identifications of authors and audiences in a media environment. Old media – film cultural environment; electronic media of the mid-times of movie history – TV, video
Contemporary digital media: perceptions of screen authors in a network society in the formation of receptive identifications of the audiences and of the individual viewer in the situation of communication in the network.
– To explore media practices of formation, events and opportunities to influence the behaviour of receptive audiences;
– To analyse thematically the facts of the film empiricism over the past decade or so in the domain of auteur film;
– International cultural interaction by presenting the distribution of independent film productions;
– Contemporary dynamism of the authorial tradition on the screen. Career development of particular filmmakers in the context of film producing in the new media. Public reception of independent film production in a global context;
– To create an actual idea of the international practices of network media presentation and functioning of art films and auteur cinema to specific audiences;
– To explore contextually screen communication channels in the digital domains of the Mediterranean cultural area.
(To explore the available screen domains of media reception of independent filmmaking: specialized TV channels, websites and blogs available to the Bulgarian audiences.)