28 Dec 2015

**The Murals of the Boyana Church

01 July, 2009 – 01 February, 2016

Author: Assoc. Prof. Biserka Penkova, PhD, Fine Arts Department

The primary areas of the scientific research into this perhaps most popular of all the surviving Bulgarian medieval works of art are as follows: 1. The wall paintings of the twelfth century: iconographic specifics, programme, manner, more precise dating; 2. The murals of the thirteenth century in the naos and the narthex will be studied within the same primary areas, including recently discovered fragments on the medieval front wall of the church. A special part of the research will deal with the stylistic characteristics of the murals of the thirteenth century (differentiation of each of the hands), the Byzantine origin and presence of Western culture in the wall paintings.
Such a synthetic research seeks to reflect present-day scientific achievements of Medieval Studies, representing the site in a different light.