18 Apr 2016

A viva voce examination

Alexander Staykov, a full-time PhD student, Department of Screen Arts, gave his presentation before the academic panel, colleagues and other attendees on 18 April 2016. His thesis on A Marketing Profile of Bulgarian Film Industry in the period 2005–2015 received two positive reviews by Assoc. Prof. Dr Andronika Martonova and by Prof. Dr Veselin Blagoev and three positive statements by Assoc. Prof. Ivo Draganov, Prof. Dr Mihail Meltev and by Assoc. Prof. Dr Dimiter Kabaivanov (thesis supervisor following the sudden demise of Prof. Alexander Yanakiev, DSc). The thesis was recommended for publication.
The academic panel unanimously awarded the educational and academic PhD degree in Film Studies, Film Art and TV to Alexander Staykov.