5 Jul 2016

Call for papers: 15th International Conference ‘Art Studies Readings’ 2017, Sofia, Bulgaria

The Institute of Art Studies at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences announces its 15th International Conference Art Studies Readings 2017, New Art’ Module.
Crossing Borders in Arts: beyond Modern Tames; Postmodern.
The simultaneous advancement of processes that foster a renaissance of styles and a birth of new ones, create a fertile ground for an interdisciplinary dialogue and analysis of the diachronic change and synchronic variations of artwork. The Module aims to explore the art forms and the approaches studying them that overcome the borders between Modern and Postmodern thus outlining new research areas and horizons. It aims to encourage the dialogue between artists and art researchers from diverse schools and art areas on topics related to the Modern–Postmodern transition and interrelations, such as: driving forces and factors, dominant philosophies, survival strategies, stylistic incarnations, intercultural parallels.

The thematic scope of the Module assumes but is not limited to the following aspects of the topic:
– interactive variabilities, intertextuality, polydisciplinarity, trans-territoriality and historical transitions, content – form dynamics, hybridization of arts;
– stylistic, type, and genre transformations, challenging conventions, rethinking rules, reestablishing criteria, terminology evolution, style manifestations;
– periodization and cultures of memory, modern and postmodern representations of traditional art forms, the role of context (social, cultural, political, ideological, etc.),
topography of artistic endeavors.

The Conference will take place on 2-5 April 2017 in the Institute of Art Studies, 21 Krakra Str., Sofia. The working language of the Conference is English. Paper presentations should take up to 15 minutes. Multimedia projectors are provided. Conference proceedings will be published in a separate edition. The articles should be 10 000 to 18 000 characters long with no more than 10 illustrations. No participation fee is required.

Please fill in the attached registration form and submit it no later than 1 September 2016 to: infoartstudies@gmail.com
Registration Form_Art Readings'2017_New Art

Organizing Committee:
Prof. Marina Frolova-Walker, Faculty of Music, University of Cambridge, United Kingdom
Prof . Adrian-Silvan Ionescu, Director of The Institute of Art History “G. Opresku” – Romanian Academy of Sciences
Prof. Fani Vavili-Tsinika, Director, Dept. of Architectural Design & Technology, School of Architecture, Thessaloniki, Greece
Prof. Yana Hashamova, College of Arts and Sciences, Ohio State University
Assoc. Prof. Elvira Popova, Autonomous University of Nuevo Leon, Monterrey, Mexico
Institute of Art Studies:
Prof. Milena Bozhikova,
Prof. Milena Georgieva,
Prof. Nadezhda Marinchevska,
Prof. Kamelia Nikolova,
Prof. Vesselina Penevska.