6 Jul 2017

432 Chamber Orchestra performs contemporary Bulgarian pieces using 432 Hz

432 Chamber Orchestra gives a concert of works by Bulgarian composers titled Bulgarian Contemporaries at 432 Hz on 13 July (Thursday), 7:00 pm, BAS Auditorium at 1 15 Noemvri St. The concert is given under Ivan Yanakiev’s research project Intonation and Concert pitch а1 = 432 Hz, Bulgarian and Worldwide Praxis, Variations, Effect and Results sponsored by the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences’ Programme for Support of Young Researchers.

A Door to Dreams II by Georgi Arnaudov
Mason’s Suite by Stefan Dragostinov
A Glow in the Dark, adagio for strings by Krasimir Taskov
Symphony No. 1 by Coreen Morsink*
Klein’s Vase by Yasen Vodenicharov
Abstract Pictures for string trio by Nikolay Badinski
Variations for String Orchestra by Vasil Kazandjiev

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The concert Bulgarian Contemporaries at 432 Hz presents pieces by six contemporary Bulgarian composers written for strings (trios and a chamber orchestra). The underlying symbiosis between the concert pitch а1=432 Hz and the contemporary sound expression of composers born in Bulgaria seeks to present music in a concert pitch occurring in various forms within this particular territory. Sound at а1 = 432 Hz occurs from birdsongs to speaking intonations of Bulgarian kids to folk music (Delyu Became a Haidouk is the best example).

The concert is an experiment aiming to present a different interpretation of the sonic matter by using a method of tuning other than the standard one and to offer at the same time the audience an opportunity to judge by themselves whether this method is deemed adequate by them and whether this innovation helps listeners to identify with the same clarity the messages encoded in the Bulgarian authors’ music.

*The sole foreign composer’s piece on the bill is Symphony No. 1 by Canadian/Greek Coreen Morsink. She insists that her symphony should be performed in а1 = 432 Hz concert pitch.