10 Nov 2015

A collection of studies on Bulgarian twentieth-century art released in Russian

cdec4911ab642afbbf2bff7e51b50607A collection of studies on Bulgarian twentieth-century art was released in Russian by the State Institute of Art Studies, Moscow (www.sias.ru): Болгарское искусство ХХ века, Виноградова, Е., Федотова, В., Янакиев, А. (eds.), 2015, ISBN 9785982870889
The collaborative interdisciplinary study has been prepared by 17 Russian and Bulgarian researchers (seven of them from the Institute of Art Studies, BAS: Anton Gugov, Kamelia Nikolova, Joanna Spassova–Dikova, Alexander Yanakiev, Kristina Yapova, Milena Bozhikova, Clair Levy) and deals with various art forms: architecture, painting, literature, theatre, film, music. The book presents the main trends and phenomena in Bulgarian twentieth-century art, trailblazing for the national culture. These are treated in a Continent-wide art context. The book is intended for experts and wider audiences, who are interested in Bulgaria’s art and culture.