10 Nov 2015

The Monastery of St Demetrius in Podgumer: History, architecture, murals

01 June, 2014 – 01 February, 2016

Author: Asst. Prof. Maya Zacharieva, PhD, Fine Arts Department

Shelved for the period between 1 February 2015 and 1 February, Academic Council, letter 1 of 23 January 2015

The Monastery of St Demetrius in Podgumer is located in the vicinity of the village of Podgumer, region of Sofia. Now it is part of the Nursing Home No. 6 for mentally retarded elderly people. It has been mentioned in scientific literature on more than one occasion and most of the publications deal with its condition and architectural specifics.
The only more or less comprehensive study, dealing with the dating and extant murals of the sixteenth century is George Guerov’s article on the newly discovered murals of the sixteenth century at the Monastery of Podgumer.
The study will deal with:
• Preserved data related to the history of the monastery;
• Planning to describe and analyse all the extant mural fragments of the Catholicon of St Demetrius.
The first objective of the study is to document and describe the extant murals at the Church of St Demetrius of the Monastery of Podgumer.
Its second priority is to collect and explore different materials that would provide more information about the history of the monastery of the nineteenth and the twentieth centuries.
The third objective is to seek as far as possible a link between the extant mural fragments with other monuments on the Balkan Peninsula
The Monastery of St Demetrius in Podgumer is understudied and the Catholicon is in a critical condition. The planned task is supposed to record and explore all the stages of the construction and painting both of the church and the monastery before it is irretrievably lost.