Instructions for peers

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Date for sending:

Please, underline your answer to the questions

1.      The author is adequately informed about the current state of the
research field and most relevant (new) works
Completely       Partly       No

2.      The author’s contribution to the topic is (multiple answers are allowed):
        A New Interpretation 
        New data 
        New theoretical framework 
        Other/s (specify):

3.      Within the research field the importance of the topic is:
  Major    Minor      Discutable    Null

4.      The author’s goals, statements and conclusions are clearly formulated
Completely       Partly       No

5.      The summary, the abstract and the key words properly reflect the text
Completely       Partly       No

6.      The title corresponds to the content
Completely       Partly       No

7.      The paper is written on a good linguistic and stylistic level
Completely       Partly       No

8.      Recommendations to the editors:
Accept for publishing without changes 
Accept for publishing after changes by the author:
                minor corrections
                major revision

9.      Comments and recommendations to the author: