Theory and History of Architecture

As the only specialized academic research institution in Bulgaria, which focuses on the best scientists from five different fields of arts (fine arts, music, theater, the performing arts and architecture) the institute develops interdisciplinary studies with academic and practical character connected with the complex research of culture in a historical perspective and its place in Europe. The Institute of Art Studies plays a key role in the development of research of art and culture in the country, including PhD programs. In order to include PhD students in academic life, in addition to the traditional Art Studies Readings, they are regular participants in the Institute of Art Studies youth academic conferences, which host workshops and seminars for scholars with internships in the field, and young scientists present their work in conference sessions. The specialty Theory and History of Architecture is directly related to the development of other arts because architecture creates the environment for their manifestation. In this sense, the Institute of Art Studies provides an excellent environment for interdisciplinary discussions and provokes a new perspective on the architectural theories studies there. Between 2010 and 2017, 24 PhD students were trained at the Institute of Art Studies, 11 of which successfully defended their thesis and were awarded a doctorate degree.
The Standing Committee on Technical Sciences at the National Evaluation and Accreditation Agency provides program accreditation for the doctoral program Theory and History of Architecture, professional field 5.7. of the Institute of art Studies based on an overall score of 9, 19 (nine and nineteen). The period of validity of the accreditation is six years in accordance with Art. 79 (4) of the Higher Education Act, until 15.12.2023.