Theatre Studies and the Art of Theatre

The main aim of the doctorates teaching in Theatre Studies and the Art of Theatre (code 05.08.01) is to prepare competent and knowledgeable researchers of the theatrical heritage and the modern process taking place in the theatre. Today the objective research of the specificities of the historical and contemporary development of the national stage art and its understanding in a European context are of special importance for Bulgarian theatrical science and the humanities in general. Quite necessary for widening the knowledge about the theatre as well as for the renewal and perfection of the theatre practice itself is the theoretical research of the main elements of the theatrical process (the art of acting, directing, scenography, the changes that take place in their positions and interrelations in a modern spectacle; the new point of view on dramaturgy and its role in the production; critical perception, etc.) and the comparative research of different periods, aesthetic movements, important problems and events. It is in these very important for the present state of theatre science and practice thematic directions that the education of doctoral students in Theatre Studies and the Art of Theatre Department at the Institute of Art Studies are realized. This is the reason for the stable interest in this subject (during the last 5 years 3 doctors have been educated) and the high percentage of practical knowledge and ability acquired of those graduates as lecturers, researchers, playwrights in theatres, authors of books and articles. From 2001 till 2005 two regular doctorantes have started their studies and also two have received their degrees. At present the department Theatre Studies and the Art of Theatre has one full-time doctoral student.

The Institute of Art Studies provides studies in Theatre Studies and the Art of Theatre in accordance with the modern tendencies in the development of theatre science and practice. In today’s highly developed electronic technologies and important element in the study of process in the theatre is the accumulation and analysis of maximum comprehensive information and facts. Another major direction is the mastering and the use of interdisciplinary research strategies which requires besides the necessary special knowledge, also information on the methods of different disciplines from the humanitarian fields, such as philosophy, aesthetics, anthropology, theory of literature, etc.

The education of doctoral students on the subject Theatre Studies and the Art of Theatre at the Institute of Art Studies is realized by Department ‘Theatre’ in all spheres of theatre science and practice: History, Theory, Criticism, Directing, Acting, Scenography, Infrastructure, organization and theatre management, teaching theatre studies, Documentation and Archiving, Cultural policy in the field of performing arts.