Film Studies, Film Art and Television

The education of doctorantes in ‘Film Studies, Film Art and Television’ (code 05.08.03) prepares specialists for theoretical and historical research in those spheres. The aim of the department is to ensure a continuation between the different generations of scientists working in film studies. The ‘Screen Arts ‘Department at the Institute of Art Studies unites the efforts of a leading group of scientists and provides for an excellent academic development of young scientists. The aim in educating doctorantes is to prepare scientist who will later research different aspects of film studies, such as history of Bulgarian and world cinema, theory of film art, dramaturgy, television and last but not least – the theoretical evaluation of the most contemporary phenomena in audiovisual art, digital technology and interactive forms of screen communication in the modern world.

The scientists that have received their degrees in former years in the department are among the leading scientists in Bulgarian film studies. They are quite successful as researchers and lecturers in different universities and are known worldwide. Each doctorant has an individual program under the academic guidance of an expert from the department and with the active assistance of the whole scientific team.