Theory and History of Culture

Training at the Institute of Art Studies (IAS) under the accredited doctoral program Theory and History of Culture, Professional Direction 8.1, Theory of Arts, will be conducted in accordance with the current trends in the development of cultural and art studies. The program will be led by distinguished experts and scholars not only from our country but also from abroad.
In its 65-year history, IAS has significant traditions in training PhD students. In recent years the Institute has trained the greatest number of PhD students in the BAS system (as of 01.12.2012 they are: 30 full-time; 9 part-time; 2 individual program; total 41). Credited with the right of defense are 3 full-time and 1 freelance doctoral student.
Adopting and implementing interdisciplinary research strategies is a guiding principle in training PhD students. The preparation of PhD students in the field of Theory and History of Culture at IAS will be carried out by specialists in all departments: Architecture, Theater, Music, Screen Arts and Fine Arts, in all fields of art studies and practice: History; Theory; Criticism; Pedagogy; Documentation and Archive; Cultural Policy in the Arts. In addition to the necessary specialized knowledge, training in this field implies acquaintance with methods applied in other disciplines in the field of humanities: philosophy, aesthetics, anthropology, theory of literature, etc.
An important point in the study of culture and art is the accumulation of academic knowledge in relation to the analysis of the most comprehensive information and factual material. In this sense, the rich archives and the specialized library of IAS are an important base for the analysis of the tangible and intangible cultural heritage, its preservation and revitalization.
The Institute of Art Studies uses up-to-date technology to digitize archival and library funds, as well as to photograph and record artifacts, tangible and intangible cultural heritage. From this point of view, PhD students have access to contemporary archiving and the results of digitized content.
The Standing Committee on Humanities and Arts, meeting on 17.09.2014 (Minutes No. 15), took the following decisions:
1. Gives program accreditation of educational and academic degree "doctor" in doctoral program "Theory and History of Culture" at the Institute of Art Studies of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, in professional direction 8.1 Theory of Arts in the field of higher education 8. Arts, based on an overall estimate of 9.22 (nine hundred and twenty-two hundredths).
2. Determines the validity of the accreditation for SIX YEARS in accordance with Art. 79 (4) of the LHE, 17/09/2020.