Submission guidelines

Manuscripts should be submitted to the editorial staff: Institute of Art Studies, BAS, 21 Krakra Str., Sofia 1504, Bulgaria; phone: 944 24 14, or by e-mail at

The journal holds the copyrights in the articles.

The submission must bear the author’s name and address, phone, fax and e-mail address.

Each article is subjected to peer reviewing by two independent scholars who are not members of the Editorial Board and are well established experts in the respective research field. The reviewing is based on the double blind principle: both the reviewers and the author of the article remain anonymous to each other. The articles are evaluated according to their original scientific input, good argumentation of the thesis, style and language. 

The final decision referring the publishing of the article is made by the Editorial Board taking into account the evaluation and recommendations of the reviewers. 

Each paper should therefore be submitted to the editors in 2 versions:

The first version should contain full details of the author, and it should be formatted according to the instructions listed below (please, see below: FORMAT OF FINAL VERSION);

The second version should be submitted in a separate, and fully anonymised, file, containing the main text, but without the author’s name or affiliations so that the identity of the author is not disclosed to the peer reviewers (please, see below: FORMAT OF ANONYMISED VERSION).


Manuscripts should be typed on A4 paper, each page containing 1,800 characters. Articles should be no longer than 25 pages, or a total of 45,000 characters, while the length of the reviews should be up to 8 pages or 14,400 characters. The works shall be submitted both electronically and as a typescript.

Please place any footnotes at the end of the text. Where necessary, a list of abbreviations is given.

The main text of the manuscript shall be accompanied by:

  1. summary no longer than 1,500 characters, which shall be a brief version of the whole article rather than of the conclusions alone.
  2. abstract no longer than 100 words
  3. key words.
  4. illustrations and list of the captions.
  5. autor’s data– degree/ academic title, name, institution, e-mail, major scientific field.

Please submit a word version (MS. Word), using Times New Roman.

Illustrations shall be submitted either as pictures or in electronic/digital format, preferably as high-resolution tif. or jpg. files. A separate list of the captions must be submitted.

Referencing System:

A. Referencing books by one author: author’s surname, followed by comma and initials; title with full stops before and after; publisher’s details: place of publication (apart from Sofia, which is always given abbreviated as С. or S., the names of all other cities have to be written. In case there are more than one places of publication, the first one is given followed by „и др.” or „еtс.” If there is no place of publication, use „Б. м.” or “s. l.” (Latin: sine loco); publisher (not necessarily given; where possible, abbreviation is used not preceded by „изд.”); year of publication (arabic numerals are always used, no „г.” after the year). If the date of publication is unknown, use „б. г.” or s. а. (Latin: sine anno, without a year); page number (preceded by p. for a single page and pp. for a range of pages, e. g. 15–18; „15 сл.” or Latin 15 sq. is allowed), e.g.:

Кутинчев, Ст. Печатарството в България до Освобождението. С., 1920, 74 [Kutinchev, St. Pechatarstvoto v Balgariya do Osvobozhdenieto. Sofia, 1920, 74].

Chomsky, N. Necessary Illusions. Thought Control in Democratic Societies. Montreal, CBC Enterprises, 1989, 20.

B. Where there are multiple authors, only the name of the first one is inverted and the names are separated by commas, e. g.:

Кристанов, Цв., И. Пенаков, Ст. Маслев. Д-р Иван Селимински като учител, лекар и общественик. С., 1962, 15–18 [Kristanov, Tsv., I. Penakov, St. Maslev. D-r Ivan Seliminski kato uchitel, lekar I obshtestvenik. Sofia, 1962, 15–18].

Burges, H., G. Burges. Encyclopedia of Conflict Resolution. Oxford, 1997.

C. For books in more than one volume upper case arabic numerals should be used: Т. 1 or Vol. 4, Bd. 4., e.g.:

Българо-германски отношения. Изследвания и материали.Т. 1–3. С., БАН, 1962 [Bulgaro-germanski otnosheniya. Izsledvaniya i materiali.V. 1–3. Sofia, 1962].

D. Referencing articles in collections: the information about the edition containing the article is preceded by „– В:” (for books in Cyrillic script) or by –In:, e. g.:

Топенчаров, Вл. Ботев като журналист. – В: Христо Ботев. Сборник по случай 100 г. от рождението му. С., 1949, 186–199 [Topencharov, Vl. Botevkatozhurnalist. – V: HristoBotev. Sbornikposluchay 100 g. otrozhdenieto mu. Sofia, 1949, 186–199].

Williams, P. The Pentagon Position of Mass Media. – In: Impact of Mass Media. Curent Issues (Ed. by Hiebertq, R. E.).New York, 1999, 327.

E. Referencing articles in journals and periodicals: The name of the author and the title of the article are separated by an em-dash from the information about the edition containing the article („В:” or In: are not used), e. g.:

Сакъзов, Ив. Стопанските връзки на България в чужбина през XIV в. – Год. СУ. Юрид. фак., 30, 1935, 3–10 [Sakazov, Iv. Stopanskite vrazki na Balgariya v chuzhbina prez XIV v. – God. SU. Yurid. fak., 30, 1935, 3–10].

Леков, Д. Забравен възрожденски книжовник. – Литературна мисъл, 1, 1970, 101 [Lekov, D. Zabraven vazrozhdenski knizhovnik .–Literaturna misal, 1, 1970, 101 sl.].

Brisby, C. The historiography of the thirteenth-century wall painting at Boiana: another case of parallel universes? – Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies, Vol. 19, 1995, 3-32.

Note: It is preferable to give the place of publication in parentheses following the title of the periodicals.

F. Referencing articles in newspapers: All newspaper articles should be referenced by their author and then as follows: 1. Newspaper title; 2. Volume number (for old editions only); 3. Issue No (№); 4. Date (day, month, year) with abbreviated months names: ян.,февр., апр., авг., септ., окт., ноем., дек. Or Jan., Feb., Mar., Apr., May., Jun., Jul., Aug., Sep., Oct., Nov., Dec.; 5. Page reference, e. g.:

Филаретов, С. Известие заедно усъвършенстване. – Цариградски вестник, № 320, 25 май 1857 [Filaretov, S. Izvestie za edno usavarshenstvane. – Tsarigradski vestnik, № 320, 25 may 1857].

Citations in footnotes should be numbered consecutively throughout the article. The work referred to should be given in a footnote at the bottom of the respective page.

• For secondary referencing (authors quoting other authors), use “цит. по” or ‘cited in’, e. g.:

Цит по: Коларов, Р. Звук и смисъл. С., 1983, 7 [Kolarov, R. Zvuk i smisal. Sofia, BAN, 1983, 7].

• References should be full when first cited. Any further references should be indicated by the author’s name and op. cit., until another work by the same author occurs, e. g.:

Каравелов, Л. Цит. съч., 216 [Karavelov, L. Op. cit., 216].

Leo, М. Op. cit.., 32, 201.

• „Пак там” or Ibid. is used when referring to a source cited in the immediately preceding note until referencing another work, e.g.:

1 Ботев, Хр. Съчинения. Т. 1. С., 1950, 13–15.2 [Botev, Hr. Sachineniya. T. 1. S., 1950, 13–15.2].

2 Пак там, Т. З, 15–18 [Ibidem,V. 3, 15–18].


3 Riesel, Е. Deutsсhe Statistic. Berlin etc., 1975, 265.

4 Ibid. (the same page number is omitted)

• When referencing an often cited work or works by the same author, any further references should be indicated by the author’s name, the title and the page number. A long title should be full when first cited. In further references only the beginning of the title is given with ellipsis, e. g.:

7 Генчев, Н. Българската национална просвета и Русия след Кримската война.– Год. СУ. Истор. фак., 66, 1975, 295 [Genchev, N. Bulgarskata natsionalna prosveta I Rusiya sled Krimskata voyna. – God. SU. Istor. fak., 66, 1975, 295].

15 Генчев, Н. Българската национална просвета и Русия…, 299 [Genchev, N. Balgarskata natsionalna prosveta i Rusiya…, 299].

G. The titles written in cyrillic and greek must be transliterated. For a more accurate and easy transliteration please use the following websites:



Alongside the obvious need to remove names and affiliations in the title within the main manuscript, further steps need to be taken in order to ensure that the submitted manuscript is ready for the peer-reviewing process. Please, make sure that you:

  • Use an impersonal construction to refer to work/works you have previously undertaken, e.g. ‘… as it has been shown before’, followed by [Anonymous, 2009]”;
  • Make sure that your figures do not contain any affiliation-related identifiers;
  • Cite papers that you have published as: ‘[Anonymous, 2003]’;
  • List your own publications in your bibliography as: ‘[Anonymous 2007], details omitted for the purpose of peer-reviewing’;
  • Remove references to funding sources;
  • Do not include any acknowledgments;
  • Remove any identifying information from file names, and make sure that the document properties are also made anonymous.