Модул "Старо изкуство"


Byzantine and Post-Byzantine Art: Crossing Borders, Exploring Boundaries
Emmanuel Moutafov, Ida Toth

Words and Images in Early Christian Inscriptions (3rd–7th Century)
Antonio E. Felle

“Das Licht Christi leuchtet allen“ – Form und Funktion von Kreuzen mit
Tetragrammen in byzantinischen und postbyzantinischen Handschriften

Andreas Rhoby

Between Princes and Labourers: The Legacy of Hosios Christodoulos and his
Successors in the Aegean Sea (11th–13th Centuries.)

Angeliki Katsioti

Essay on a Visual Perspective of Medieval Writing
Vincent Debiais

The Inner Portal of St Mark’s Basilica in Venice between East and West
Valentina Cantone

Images and Texts across Time: The Three Layers of Mural Paintings in the Church of St George in Sofia
Elka Bakalova, Tsvetan Vasilev

The Balkans and the Renaissance World
Jelena Erdeljan

Panagia Eleousa in Great Prespa Lake: A symbolic artistic language at the Beginning of the 15th Century
Melina Paissidou

Un cycle hagiographique peu étudié de la peinture extérieure moldave: La vie de saint Pacôme le Grand
Constantin I. Ciobanu

Post-Byzantine Wall Paintings in Euboea: The Monastery of Panagia Peribleptos at Politika
Andromachi Katselaki

A Unique 15th Century Donation to Vatopedi: A Pair of Wood-carved Lecterns
Dimitrios Liakos

Between Loyalty, Memory and the Law: Byzantine and Slavic Dedicatory Church
Inscriptions Mentioning Foreign Rulers in the 14th and 15th Centuries

Anna Adashinskaya

The Illustrated Slavonic Miscellanies of Damascenes Studite’s Thesauros – a New Context
for Gospel Illustrations in the Seventeenth Century

Elissaveta Moussakova

Jovan Četirević Grabovan – an 18th-Century Itinerant Orthodox Painter. Some Ethnic
and Artistic Considerations

Aleksandra Kučeković

Painters of Western Training Working for Orthodox Patrons – Remarks on the Evidence
of Late-medieval Transylvania (14th–15th Century)

Dragoş Gh. Năstăsoiu

The Scene of the Road to Calvary in St George’s Church in Veliko Tarnovo
Maria Kolusheva

Kostadin Gerov-Antikarov: A Teacher and Icon Painter
Vladimir Dimitrov

Religious and National Mythmaking: Conservation and Reconstruction of the Social Memory
Antonios Tsakalos