Rumyana Margaritova

11 May 2018

Rumyana Margaritova

Rumyana Margaritova
Asst. Prof., PhD
Ethnomusicology research group Main areas of research: Traditional music in a multicultural environment; traditional music and politics; traditional music of ethnic Turks in Bulgaria; ritual music of heterodox Muslims (Alevites/Bektaşi)

2007–2013: Doctoral studies. IAS;
December 2015: PhD, thesis on Folk Music Practices in a Multicultural Environment;
2016: Asst. Prof., Department of Musicology, Ethnomusicology research group.
Asst. Prof. Rumiana Margaritova has six publications.
Asst. Prof. Rumiana Margaritova has participated in a number of national and international conferences.

Research related activities:

Teacher in music; vast experience in fieldwork in the northeast of Bulgaria, the Eastern Rhodopes and Strandja; member of ICTM.