The Fluid Force of Love and Resurrexit Cassandra by Jan Fabre

The Bulgarian audience does not meet the art of Jan Fabre, one of the emblematic authors from the afterwar European avant-garde, for the first time. Fabre is an artist who simultaneously works in the fields of visual arts, theatre and dance and was presented in Sofia in 2019. We saw his exhibition ‘Can’t escape art’ at the Sofia Arsenal Museum for Contemporary Art (SAMCA) and later the same year his play The generosity of Dorcas was performed at the International Theatre Festival “Varna Summer”, as part from the initiative WORLD THEATRE IN SOFIA. Fabre is famous for his provocative voice and re-testing the boundaries (in the genres, themes, etc.), by establishing a unique approach to studying the world via art, or rather, by relying on the research methods through the creation of art. This spring of 2022, in the context of a sublime expectation, two of his plays are visiting the Bulgarian stage: The Fluid Force of Love and Resurrexit Cassandra. All this in mind and the tendency of Toplocentrala – Regional Centre for Contemporary Arts, to show regularly (and not in campaigns solely) more and more works by contemporary artists from various locations across the world, we can assume that a more substantial effort has been made from our side towards reaching the European standards of performance.

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