About us

The Platform was designed as a specific and worthy alternative to critical reviewing concomitant with current cultural events, done usually by journalists, non-expert outsiders or admirers. What we have here are publications by researchers and experts in fine arts, music, drama, film, architecture and cultural studies (in accordance with the research areas and the accredited courses of the Institute of Art Studies), as well as critical commentaries by professionals on hot issues in the aforementioned cultural and art fields, requiring specialised response, interpretations and personal statements by authors.

The e-journal, A Platform for Arts with an assigned ISSN 2367-7694 to it, consists of four issues/quarterlies (June 2015 – May 2016). The option to upload any new publication will be suspended by the end of each quarter and the texts already published on the Platform will be concluded in a quarterly, available in pdf format or published online as an interactive flip-book/issue. The option of timely publishing of new writings will be renewed early in the next quarter.

The follow-up to the project (June 2016 – May 2017) seeks on the one hand to retain the digital edition’s readership, and on the other hand to widen its scope in the public domain, reaching new readerships through translation into English of each publication uploaded to the English-language version of the website and the new design of the planned four bilingual quarterlies.
A Platform for Arts of the Institute of Art Studies, BAS was launched with financial support by the National Culture Fund, Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Bulgaria, which funded also the follow-up to A Platform for Arts project.

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