Parsifal: A brilliant opening of a successful season

The company of Sofia Opera House has enjoyed over the recent decade an enviable new crop of soloists and additions to the repertoire of less staged works. Following the productions of the Ring Cycle and Tristan and Isolde, Parsifal is the sixth of the Wagnerian productions in Sofia, all of them staged with a titanic power in an unusual directorial rendition by Plamen Kartaloff, Director of Sofia Opera House

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The Rethinking of Religious Belief in the Making of Modernity, Blagoevgrad, 2017

The International Society for Intellectual History (ISIH) was created in 1994. Traditionally, ‘intellectual history’ is interpreted as an identification and analysis of ‘intellectual traditions, disciplines, and practices, as they developed over time, were inextricably interconnected both to one another and to more concrete historical conditions.’ (ISIH, 2017).

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